Thematic topics were the focus of a workshop on the future Intelligent Cockpit, organised on 5 February by Clean Sky and industry members including Airbus, Dassault, Honeywell and Thales. Thematic topics (THT) are a new kind of topic, launched for the first time in Clean Sky 2’s 8th Call for Proposals, to bring in new ideas contributing to Clean Sky’s high-level environmental objectives.

The workshop highlighted three projects – CO2TEAM, E-PILOTS and HARVIS – from the first batch of thematic topics. These aim at:

  • Assessing how Cognitive Computing could, by 2035, efficiently support pilot decision-making in unexpected or very complex situations.
  • Supporting European aeronautical industry competitiveness in the field of more autonomous flight transport, towards increased air transport capacity, efficiency and safety.

The projects started in January 2019 and will run for 3 years. Looking at the first year’s progress, the workshop helped put these thematic projects in a wider context related to cockpit innovation and avionics for more autonomous flight operations and reduced workload, finally encouraging a more shared roadmap between the different players in the aeronautics sector.

Clean Sky 2’s 11th Call for Proposals, which is open until 28 April, includes four thematic topics.