State-of-the-art of cognitive computing algorithms

In the first six month of the project the consortium carried out a state of the art of cognitive computing algorithms.  The state of the art consists in a review of machine learning and cognitive computing algorithms and their application in several domains, from healthcare to automotive, education and of course, aerospace. The review included the most used as well as the most promising techniques to solve artificial-intelligence tasks for each domain.

This task was the basis to explore and start defining a set of use cases which an AI based virtual assistant would be enable and support Single Pilot Operations.

Open HARVIS State of the art Review Deliverable

HARVIS Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistant Use Cases

The Virtual Assistance concepts and use cases have been performed by the consortium following an iterative selection process, with the contributions of different internal and external experts (Safety, Human Factors, Operational and technical experts).

The initial set of eight Use Cases has been discussed and detailed in feedback sessions and workshops. From this work resulted two Use Cases that have been selected based on their potential to greatly support pilots .

HARVIS Concepts and use cases generation and selection process

Open HARVIS Tasks Analysis and Use Cases Deliverable

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